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Moccasin Care Guide

Moccasins feel most comfortable when they've been broken in, but there's a big difference between broken in and dirty. Knowing how to properly care for your moccasins will help keep them both comfortable and clean, which means your favorite moccasins will be hugging your feet for years to come.

Moccasins are generally made from five different types of materials; suede, cowhide, moose hide, deerskin and sheepskin. Most sheepskin moccasins can be gently hand washed if necessary. Suede and the animal leathers will require more particular treatment. Here are a few tips on how to best treat each material:

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If your suede moccasins have been waterproofed, any spill should be treatable with a quick application of a damp towel. For more thorough treatment, purchase a suede cleaning kit. Such kits should contain a suede eraser and small stiff brush. Use the eraser on the stain and then apply the brush.

If your suede moccasins have not been waterproofed and they get wet, remove the moisture with a clean towel. Do not use a blow dryer or heater. Once dry, restore the nap with a suede brush. A nail file or suede brush is effective in removing mud or scuff marks, as is the gentle application of softly textured sandpaper.

Leather moccasins made from cowhide, moose hide or deerskin should only be cleaned or treated with products made specifically for leather shoes. A leather shoe cleaner can be used for removing dirt. After they're cleaned, let your leather moccasins sit for a few minutes and then shine them with a soft cotton cloth.

If you want your leather moccasins to age well, treat them regularly with a quality leather shoe conditioner. Your leather moccasins will absorb a natural conditioner easier than a synthetic one, and this will help keep your leather moccasins soft and properly moisturized.

Clean the outer portion of your sheepskin moccasins with a soft, damp cloth. A suede eraser can be used to treat scuff marks or dirt. You should also considering applying a water repellent and/or stain guard to the outer surface of your sheepskin moccasins. If your sheepskin moccasins need to be washed, do so by hand using lukewarm water and a non-enzyme liquid soap designed specifically for leather products. Let the moccasins dry naturally after washing, though you can use a towel to soak up excess moisture.

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