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Which Type of Moccasin Is Right For Me?

If you're looking for the perfect pair of moccasins but can't decide which is right for you, take a look at this guide for a little insight on some of your choices.

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Ankle-High Moccasins
The ankle high-style of moccasin is also frequently called a "High-Top" moccasin, just like a high-top sneaker. The top of the moccasin rests just at or above the ankle, covering your whole foot, but leaving your calf and leg exposed. Typically, these moccasins are lace-up or zippered for easy access into the shoe.

Driving Moccasins
A popular trend in the 1920s, the driving moccasin is coming back with a trendy vengeance today. An extremely easy moccasin to slip on and off, they come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can be worn with suits, jeans, linen pants, and even shorts and capri pants. Originally made for driving, they feature a sole with good traction, plush padding and are intended to keep feet comfortable in any situation.

Childrens Moccasins
You'll find childrens moccasins on the feet of many a Hollywood baby and toddler, and becoming more frequent, on the tootsies of little babies too. They're incredibly easy for moms and dads to maneuver, and very comfy for baby. These moccasins are intended to keep a child's feet warm and cozy, and being made of leather, they're designed to last through lots of baby wear and tear.

Renaissance-Style Moccasins
You'll see these beautiful moccasins at Renaissance fairs, Celtic weddings, any Medieval-style gathering, and on the feet of the hip, trendy and comfort loving. Typically hand-crafted, these moccasins are made for comfort, and were originally crafted for dancing traditional Celtic dances. Today, you'll find them in beautiful colors with gorgeous designs ranging from slipper-style to knee-high lace-ups.

Slipper Moccasins
Unlike most other moccasins, slipper moccasins are designed for indoor use only. They usually don't have the traction or construction necessary for them to hold up well during outdoor use, but they sure are comfy indoors. Usually lined with a plush fur or faux-fur lining, they're easy to slip on and off and are meant to keep feet warm and toasty.

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